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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Previously dubbed 'an easy solution', purchasing gift cards is the somewhat smarter gift. Imagine spending time looking for the perfect gift (let's say a tent from BCF for mad keen campers) only to have if returned or find it placed on eBay.

In fact Sydney Morning Herald reported $520 million worth of unwanted presents in 2014, citing a study commissioned by Gumtree. The survey suggested Australians received up to 20.3 million unwanted gifts in 2014, up from 14.2 million unwanted gifts in 2013.

We love the element of surprise a bunch of flowers or a chocolate bouquet can bring but for presents we recommend gift cards. Gift cards bring options for the recipient. If the value won't cover the entire item, they can be pooled together or their own money make up the remainder.

Nevertheless, we at Plenty of Gifts endeavour to grow this list of Australian Gift Cards available for purchase online.

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