Mother’s Day had to come from somewhere, and while it varies from place to place, and religion to religion; it is something that continues to be celebrated to this day. It is a holiday that allows you to cherish the mother you have, appreciate her and let her know how much you care about her and the things she has done, and still does for you.

Early Beginnings

In the past, Greeks and Romans celebrated a day for mothers and their goddesses of motherhood and fertility. Cybele and Rhea were their goddesses of motherhood, and would hold celebrations in their honour, and the honour of the other mothers in the area. This was one of the first recognised holidays in past, and one that has stuck with the people throughout the world. It didn’t seem to change much either, since the goddesses of motherhood were brought treats, flowers and thanks; just like mothers today are brought.

Perfect Mother's Day Flower Bouquet“Mothering Sunday” is a day that is celebrated by Christians in the earlier years. They would spend time with their mothers, and give thanks for their lives, their mothers and the feasts that they would put together for the occasion. “Mother Sunday” was celebrated as early on as possible, and started to fade in the 30’s and 40’s and was replaced by the Mother’s Day that we know now.

Choosing to provide your mother with the gifts she loves, or even just to tell her on that day that she is special is something that mostly everyone chooses to do. It is a beautiful holiday that gives mothers the chance to hear just how appreciated she is. So many people consider this holiday one on their calendars, where others enjoy the benefit of spending their time with their mums and going all out on the things they do for them.

Celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day and show her just how much you care about her, and all that she does. Find flowers online, offering flower delivery and choose something she will truly love to get and even be a bit surprised about. With everything from flower bouquets in every colour and type to chocolate bouquets that can provide champagne, paper flowers and a little chocolate for the road, you will always have something to give her on this special day.

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